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Rose Nash | Cockatoo VIC: "We were sceptical about the shower head but went ahead and got one. The difference was fantastic compared to the stock standard head in our van. Double the pressure meant we had to add cold water, which gave us a longer shower. I could wash my hai
Strat Canning|Martinborough New Zealand: Hi Michael, Just had to write a quick thank you for the Jetstorm showerhead we received yesterday. Very quick service. Most importantly we tried this thing out in our campervan –and it was even better than the online video! The old head was tin
Peter Fragar | New South Wales: ’get wet with less water’
W Chilcott | New South Wales: ’more shower, less water’
Ian Sangston | ACT: ’get the most from your water’
Rachil Agins | New South Wales: ’shower and save’
Michael Browning | Victoria: 'the Ecocamel (showerhead) certainly used less water…the ability to interrupt the flow (using the shut off valve) …was a real winner'
Wayne Wells | New South Wales: 'we carry just 40 litres of water ..it has to be economical'
Ross Bartlet | Victoria: 'love it, for once what the maker says is true'
David Muirhead | Queensland: 'this shower is excellent…gives better water coverage using less water'
Nicolas Spencer, Financial Times: I'm always seeking out new ways to be eco-friendly and have fallen in love with the Ecocamel. It ticks all the right boxes for the eco-conscious homemaker.